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March 31, 2016

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COLUMBIA, S.C., – At the Lexington County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting, Arik Bjorn publicly announced his candidacy for South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional seat.

Bjorn described his campaign vision:  “We are Government.  When ‘We the People’ do our job—to link and protect individuals, communities, and industry—Government is a powerful, positive force.

Bjorn shared with the Committee, “I am convinced ‘There’s a Better Way!’ for our Congressional District, for South Carolina, for our nation.  We’ll achieve success when we provide opportunities and security for all.  That means ensuring civilized values are represented in a just, prosperous society.”

Bjorn noted that the meeting was being held in a public library meeting room.  “Public libraries are a perfect example of Good Government.  Public libraries are civic jewels.”

“My opponents believe that Government is a four-letter word from which we need protection.  They are wrong, and they have wasted our time for years by pointing fingers—even at their own political party.  They have accomplished nothing.  Instead, let’s create a Voter-Congressman partnership and provide our community with increased job opportunities and a better quality of life.  Let’s partner to keep our community safe, to build peace, and to ensure freedom.  And let’s partner to use our resources as wisely and efficiently as possible.”

Bjorn is a public librarian and the former manager of the South Carolina SmartState Program, a $2 billion economic development program that has created thousands of well-paying jobs and forged major industrial-academic partnerships throughout South Carolina.  A team of national industry experts called the program “the envy of other states.”

Bjorn is a community leader, advocate, and ally.  He is the author of several books and a frequent contributor to major publications, including the religion website Patheos.  He also co-founded a Columbia annual arts festival.

Bjorn believes elected office is a call to service, “As your District neighbor, I understand my job in Congress will be to serve our community for the betterment of all.  I will be your public servant, your foot washer.”

Bjorn earned a graduate degree from University of South Carolina and a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College, alma mater of Billy Graham.  He lives in Columbia with his second-grade daughter, Kat, who loves all things horses and Harry Potter.  They attend St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Columbia.

Bjorn’s campaign manager is Lawrence Moore, a veteran political director who has served key roles in numerous Democratic presidential and major office campaigns.  Moore is currently Co-Chair of the Labor/Progressive Caucus of the South Carolina Democratic Party.


To interview Arik Bjorn, contact him at 803.765.9851 or info@bjorn2run.com.

Campaign Address:  PO Box 9052 / Columbia, SC / 29290

Campaign Website:  www.bjorn2run.com

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“There’s a Better Way!”

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